What is APRS?

APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) is a special variant of Packet Radio.

With APRS is is possible to display and track the geographical position of mobile or fixed ham radio stations superimposed on a map on a computer screen. Mobile stations need an on-board GPS receiver. The APRS system is operational on any kind of vehicle, e.g. also on board of a (RC-model) airplane.
What is required: An APRS capable 2m radio (e.g. a TM-D700 or TH-D7E) or a TNC with APRS software. For non-APRS capable radios a small optional PC board is available which processes and transmits the APRS data based on the inputs from a GPS receiver. On the receiving side a PC with the appropriate control software is required as well as a digital mapping software. The maps are available in larger scales as freeware and more detailed maps can be obtained though the National Geographical Services on CD-ROM. The APRS data is distributed in real-time via a dedicated digipeater network; in Germany this is done on 144.800 MHz in simplex mode or via Internet gateways world wide.

Set-up for a typical station:

  • Mobile station: GPS-Mouse, TM-D700, laptop incl. mapping software.
  • Portable station: GPS-Mouse, TH-D7E
  • Fixed station: TH-D7E, PC, mapping software, a GPS receiver is not required because of the fixed location.
  • Digipeater station: TNC21 with a handheld radio or equivalent, a GPS receiver is not required because of the fixed location.

GW-1000: Feature-rich APRS Interface + APRS Beacon + KISS-TNC


Supports all major iGate APRS functions such as RF-Internet/Internet-RF gateway, digipeating etc. Simply connect it to the radio and (optionally) the internet router, and a new APRS digi + gateway is set up!

Many setting options for worldwide used APRS-IS standard, configuration software for Win XP, 7 or 8 included. The GW-1000 also offers functions to use it as an APRS and weather beacon without a computer, very useful for repeater locations.
Optional sensors for temperature/pressure/humidity/wind/rain are available. Also supports many major weather stations (e.g. Peet and others).

An optional LC display shows status and current messages.

With the optional Bluetooth interface the GW-1000 turns into the KISS-TNC. Simply use the tablet or smartphone packet or APRS!

Extensions for telemetry data are planned. Power supply 9-15VDC, max. 800mA.

  • Options:
  • GW-1000.WX
    Sensor for temperature/humidity/pressure, inside weatherproof housing with short cable trail for connecting to GW-1000. If sensor should be mounted outdoors, the cable generally has to be extended. For this case the housing can be opened easily, any 3-wire cable will do (e.g. telephone cable). The sensor has 2 connections available for rain and wind sensor.
  • GW-1000.SENS
    Sensors for wind direction and speed as well as rain. Sensoren für Windrichtung und -Geschwindigkeit sowie Regensensor. Comes with short mast stub for outdoor mounting. Requires GW-1000.WX to connect to GW-1000.
  • GW-1000.LCD
    External LCD in housing, suitable for wall mounting. Connection to GW-1000 via included 4-wire cable. Display may be used remotely by connecting the included small interface board to the display. The interface board has a 9-wire subD connector, which is then connected with a 9-pin D-sub cable (e.g. OrderNo. 40060.MF) to the GW-1000 directly without any soldering.
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GW-1000.LCD Option LCD 45.00 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 2 to 3 days.
40060.MF Connector cable 9pin D-Sub M/F, 3m 3.60 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 2 to 3 days.
GW-1000.BT Option Bluetooth 24.00 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 2 to 3 days.
GW-1000.WX Temperature, Pressure, Humidity Sensor 45.00 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 2 to 3 days.
GW-1000.SENS Wind direction, Wind Speed, Rain Sensor Unfortunately this product is not available anymore. Sorry.
GW-1000.KW Cable Kit Kenwood 9.50 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 2 to 3 days.
CT-39.01 Connector cable, open end 9.50 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 2 to 3 days.
42925.6 Single jack to TRX 8.90 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 2 to 3 days.
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Download: Manual GW-1000 (PDF, EN, 246KB)
Download: Manual GW-1000.WX (PDF, EN, 104KB)

Manufacturer download page with firmware, flash software etc.

GW-1000.LCD GW-1000.LCD

TinyTrak 4

TinyTrak-4 SMT

TinyTrak-4 is the successor to the well known TinyTrak-3. It offers more or less the same possibilities as the TT-3, but with some very interestng new features:

  • DSP Packet Decoding - Using software DSP, the TinyTrak4 can not only decode 1200 baud packet, but also 9600 baud, and 300 baud packet, DTMF, and more. Since the decoding is not hardware based, new demodulation capabilities can be added to existing TinyTrak4s.
  • Field Upgradeability - New firmware can be downloaded for free from the TinyTrak4 website and sent to the TinyTrak4 with a computer serial port and a F-F null modem adapter.
  • Analog & Digital Telemetry - TinyTrak4 can read temperature, battery voltage, and other analog and digital sources.
  • More powerful processor - TinyTrak4 has more processor speed, code space, RAM, and EEPROM than the TinyTrak3 to allow for more features.
  • Implemented Functionality:
  • Field upgradeability
  • TinyTrak3 features - Most all the TinyTrak3 functions have been translated to the TinyTrak4
  • UI TNC
  • APRS tracker that can plot positions as waypoints on compatible GPS receivers
  • Telemetry
  • Smart Digipeater
  • Packet display
  • Planned Functionality:
  • 9600 baud and 300 baud encode and decode TNC & Tracker
  • DTMF encode and decode - use for remote control, logging, transmitter hunting
  • Weather station support
  • PSK31 support
  • Remote control
  • Full TNC

We supply the TT-4 as SMT vrsion, fully asse,bled and operational, with box. The installed software has equal functions like the TT-3.

TinyTrak-4 with box
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Cable TinyTrak - Transceiver


With this cable you can connect a TinyTrak with most mobile devices, which have a data connector 6-pin Mini-Din.
If you use the cable with a TinyTrak 4 or TinyTrak 3+, the Jumper JP8 may NOT connected on the PCB. The cable is equipped with a cigarette lighter plug.

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TinyTrak 3

TinyTrak-3 Chip (PIC)

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Bild TT3+

GPS Beacon: In combination with a GPS receiver any handheld or mobile radio can broadcast the GPS information.
The beacon features a serial interface which allows PC-programming of the call sign, TX delay, beacon intervals and beacon text. During operation the GPS receiver is connects to the serial port and the audio as well as PTT terminals connect to the radio.
Imagine a moving fox hunt with such a relative simple set-up.
The analysis of the received data is not possible with TinyTrack.

TinyTrak3 is a GPS position encoder which, when connected to a GPS and a radio, will transmit its location at an adjustable rate. TinyTrak3 is a construction project providing an inexpensive way to build a mobile tracker without the need for a full TNC. It is configured by connecting to a computer's serial port, and running a simple configuration tool which allows setting of all user options.

TinyTrak3Plus is a redesigned TinyTrak3 with a larger voltage regulator that can power a 5V GPS, such as a Garmin GPS18. TinyTrak3Plus has the same features, and uses the same firmware chip, configuration software, and case as the TinyTrak3, but a separate documentation file is available with instructions for the different PCB. TinyTrak3Plus is sold with a case.

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Download:Software for Configuration V.1.4.3 for TinyTrak-3 (ZIP, EN, 520KB)


SCS Tracker

Multimode-TNC for Packet Radio and APRS, USB connection to PC

One Packet Radio TNC for all modes like 300Bd AFSK, Robust Packet Radio (RPR) for shortwave, 1200Bd AFSK and 9600/19200 FSK (G3RUH). First TNC to use a DSP as modem processor, resulting in a much larger captive range of AF frequencies (e.g. ±400Hz at 300Bd AFSK, the usual modems only have a few hertz range). This allows reception of larger groups with slightly differing frequencies. Supports KISS and Hostmode. Includes position tracker for APRS: transmits position data in APRS format. A computer is not required, the GPS receiver is connected directly to the Tracker. Control output for transceiver for low power consumption.

The Tracker is connected to the PC with an optically isolated USB cable, thus alleviating all problems with ground loops. The device itself is shielded against HF radiation and does not produce noise. During APRS sleep mode only 15mA power consumption, shortly before the next transmission the Tracker wakes up, turns on the transceiver, checks the transmission channel and transmits the APRS data set when the frequency is not in use.
The firmware can be updated over the USB line, firmware updates are free. Size 88 x 22 x 102mm, power consumption 70mA at 13,8V.

  • Included in shipment:
  • SCS Tracker
  • Manual DE/EN
  • USB cable
  • 6pin Mini-DIN cable, one side open
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40103 Audio Cable 6p Mini-DIN for all radios with data socket 8.20 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 2 to 3 days.
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Byonics GPS Mouse

Byonics GPS Mouse

Small GPS-Mouse for direct connection to the Tinytrak.

The power supply of the mouse is done directly from the TinyTrak. The interface conforms no longer the RS-232 standard because the power supply is integrated.

The mouse does not need to be configured, simply connect to the TT and you're QRV.

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TT-MOUSE Byonics GPS-Mouse 102.40 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 2 to 3 days.
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