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BHI Ltd es una pequeña pero selecta empresa británica de productos de audio. BHI desarrolla y fabrica productos para la eliminación de ruidos en sistemas de comunicación, incluyendo altavoces y módulos que se pueden integrar en otros sistemas. Para ello, utilizan lo último en tecnologia DSP gracias a lo cual nos ofrecen los mejores resultados en poco espacio y con poco consumo de energia. Sus aparatos se usan en servicios públicos, seguridad, militares, radioafición, aviación, y otros sistemas de comunicación.


bhi EQ-20 ParaPro Parametric Equalizer Nuevo

The EQ-20 is a 20 W audio amplifier with built-in parametric equalizer. Optional modules for Bluetooth and Noise Elimination are available. The EQ-20 is applied to adjust the received audio signal to your customs and thereby considerably enhance the intelligibility.

bhi EQ-20

Parametric Equalisation: A parametric equaliser allows any specific part of the frequency range to be selected and adjusted in strength. The user is able to precisely select a frequency to boost or cut. For example, instead of having a simple mid-range adjustment as in a standard graphic equaliser which boosts or reduces a pre-set range of frequencies, you can specify exactly which frequency to boost or reduce. This gives you greater flexibility and accuracy to set the audio to suit your own hearing and environment. You can use the cut function to reduce problematic frequencies in order to expose the frequencies you want, which typically makes for a warmer, less harsh result, or you can boost specific frequencies to obtain more clarity and intelligibility.

Optionally two modules are available: Bluetooth and noise elimination. With the Bluetooth option you can continue to use uexisting BT Speakers or headphones with the EQ-20. The optionally available Noise Elimination module - as well known from many other bhi products - very effectively reduces noise from the signal.

  • EQ-20 Features
  • Parametric equaliser lets you shape the audio to suit your hearing
  • 10W audio per channel
  • Class-D type audio amplifier for power efficiency and eliminate the need for bulky heatsinking
  • Use with mono, stereo or two separate audio channel inputs
  • Use EQ20/EQ20B with your bhi Dual In-line, Compact In-line or NEIM1031MKII
  • 4mm banana plug or phono plug output connections
  • Use your own passive speakers
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone output (Class AB)
  • Easy to use controls
  • Microprocessor controlled functions
  • Signal input overload feature
  • 12V DC operation (3A)
  • Optional dual channel DSP noise cancelling version
  • Optional Bluetooth technology - Turns your passive speakers into Bluetooth speakers!
  • Use with SDR radio and PC line-out signals for a shaped audio response
Articulo No.
EQ-20 Parametric Equalizer 189.00 € Añadir al carro de la compra Nuevo Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 dis.
EQ-20.B Parametric Equalizer with Bluetooth option 234.00 € Añadir al carro de la compra Nuevo Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 dis.
EQ-20.DSP Parametrischer Equalizer with Noise reduction option, 305.00 € Añadir al carro de la compra Nuevo Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 dis.
EQ-20.B-DSP Parametrischer Equalizer with Noise reduction option, with Bluetooth option 349.00 € Añadir al carro de la compra Nuevo Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 dis.
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