Magnetic Loop antennas by BTV

MLA-M V.5: magnetic loop antenna for portable use, 80-10m incl. 60m!

The MLA-M is a magnetic portable antenna for QRP operation. The rugged antenna has a diameter of 60cm and can handle up to 10 watt. The box contains the tuning circuitry.

Frequency range is selected by two jumper connections on top of the box. One jumper is responsible for the operation on 80m, while the other one selects 20-10m.

If none of these jumpers are connected, the antenna operates at 30, 40 and 60 m. The bottom side of the tuning unit has 4 rubber feet, so the antenna can be put anywhere without causing scratches of furniture.

Connector is UHF (SO-239), weight is 2.5kg.

The antenna is not 100% waterproof and so not suitable for permant outdoor installation without additional cover.

The antenna will be shipped fully assembled and ready to use. Shipping dimensions are 0.75 x 0.63 x 0.22m.
New! To overcome the problem with high freight charges for overseas shipment, the antenna is available as a kit now. Assembly is simple and straightforward. Shipping dimensions of the kit is 0.6x0.6x0.1m only, suitable for postal parcels.

MLA-M Kit packaged MLA-M Kit packaged

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11435 MLA-M mag. loop antenna, fully assembled 349.00 € Add to shopping cart Ordered only on customer request, delay at c. 90 days.
11435.KIT MLA-M mag. loop antenna, kit 335.00 € Add to shopping cart Not in stock, no reliable date of delivery known. Orders will be queued in a waiting list.
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Download: Manual MLA-M (PDF, EN, 3.19MB)
Download: Test MLA-M Loop Antenna from Funkamateur 10/2012 (PDF, DE, 300 KB)

Letter from a customer:

    Hallo Olda,

    I examined it again and really I can only congratulate.
    With a completely invisible antenna in the room can normally work on 80m.
    Tuning can be quickly drilled. Now I did on the first call and the EM7 G3 for 579 and 599
    After my CQ also responded skimmers . All QSOs and test for skimmers was WKD on the my out 50W.
    I think, min. 3 db reserve to LP 100 W. So what can I say, good luck in JA and elsewhere.
    Super, my congratulation!!!

    Jirka - OK2RZ

Retaining plate for stand construction


For mounting on a tripod there is an extra dapter for the MLA-M as an accessory available.
The plate is screwed to the tuning unit and inserted on the other side on the stand. Thus, the antenna can be rotated not only in the horizontal plane, but also the elevation to be changed, which is reflected in the targeted suppression of disturbances.

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11436 Retaining plate for tripod mounting 9.90 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
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MLA-T: portable magnetic loop antenna 160-40m

MLA-T Loop 160-40m

The MLA-T is a magnetic portable antenna for 160m, 80m and 40m.
In contrast to the MLA-M this antenna has remote tuning. The antenna box contains a motor which is driven by a small control unit next to the radio. So, the antenna may be placed anywhere, depending on length of coax only.

MLA-T can handle up to 100W. However, within a distance of 5m to humans, no more than 10 W should be used.

Remote tuning makes use of the existing coaxial cable, so no extra cable is required.
Controller has 3 LEDs for simple and easy tuning. In addition, motor speed increases over time to ensure accurate tuning.

The antenna has an N-jack. Controller hat 2 PL-connectors. A patch cable of 1.5m length between controller and TRX is included, as well as a power supply (12V / 0.8A). The size of the antenna is 82 x 105 x 22cm, weight is 12kgs. The four loops have a diameter of 80cm.
Cable between antenna and controller is not included. Any 50 Ohm Coax is suitable, required is a PL-connector (controller side) and an N-connector (antenna side).

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11437 MLA-T mag. portable antenna 160-40m 855.00 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
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Download: Manual MLA-T Loop Antenna (PDF, EN, 1.35MB)

Letter from OK2ER

QSL card shows my OK/OM DX Contest antenna farm. :-D In the OK/OM DX contest I made 658 QSOs. My original idea was to use only magnetic antennas. But there was an EMC problem with 100 W input power into indoor loops. Both my internet modem and my TV receiver had been affected, a problem when you are married! Therefore the original idea to use MLAs only was abandoned and I finished the contest with other wire antennas. Only 250 QSOs were made with MLAs, if only MLAs were used all the time, I estimate I would have made ~400 QSOs. The result is still good considering that I used mostly indoor antennas. After the contest I used my mini-antenna, MLA-6 CB, and on 28 MHz band I made two nice DX stations by the first call, E2/CX1E and LU7YS. Those magnetic loops are just wonderful! 73 Olda - OK2ER

Book 'Magnetic Loop Antennas' (English)

The monograph, "Magnetic Loop Antenna, A Bit Different Every Time", is an unique study that in technical literature has no similar works to compare.  One of the authors, Marek Dvorský, is an Assistant Professor at Ostrava Technical University, while the other, Oldrich Burger- OK2ER, is an owner of a company developing and manufacturing the Magnetic Loop Antennas, BTV. The response of readers to the original Czech version issued in spring of 2015 has shown that  the form and content of the book is worth of publishing an English version. This would bring the work to a wider radio-amateur community than the language of both authors could. The book structure presents theory as well as practical designs on 187 pages, and  offers the text and many illustrations to describe five years of work during where BTV company has created several commercially successful MLA versions. Their detailed descriptions are included. The presentation of the English MLA book version at the International Radio Amateur Fair, Friedrichshafen, Germany, in June 2015, was a nice period to authors' publication activities on this special field of short-wave antennas.

Look inside! (PDF includes preview with a few pages from the book)

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35010 "Magnetic Loop Antenna, A Bit Different Every Time" by Marek Dvorský & Oldrich Burger 24.50 € Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days.
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