Antennes Chameleon portables et mobile pour ondes courtes et V/UHF

Série Chameleon HYBRID-MINI

Chameleon HYBRID-MINI Base

La série HYBRID-MINI est une nouvelle évolution proposée par Chameleon. Cette base est compatible avec la quasi-totalité des antennes existantes, et le sera pour tous les futurs produits.
La puissance supportée, selon les différentes combinaisons permettant de couvrir de 160m à 6m, est de 800 W.

Configurations possibles avec la série HYBRID-MINI:

  1. HYBRID-MINI-Base et long fil (fourni)
    L'antenne HYBRID-MINI End Fed couvre de 160 à 6 mètres sans trou.
    L'antenne HYBRID-MINI End Fed est parfaite pour un appartement, un salon, une installation temporaire, en portable, en mobile arrêté, et bien plus encore.
    La base ne nécessite pas de mise à la terre, bien que celle-ci soit généralement préférable.
    Le fil ne doit pas nécessairement être en ligne droite, vous pouvez utiliser tout type de positionnement tel que vertical, horizontal, "L" inversé, "V" inversé, zig-zag, etc...
  2. HYBRID-MINI-Base et antenne mobile
    Vous pouvez utiliser la base avec quelqu'antenne mobile que soit disposant d'un pas de 3/8".
    Il s'agit du parfait compromis si votre fouet n'est pas ajustable.
    La base dispose d'une fixation au pas de 3/8", elle peut s'insérer directement dans votre configuration d'antenne actuelle.
  3. HYBRID-MINI-Base et fouet vertical
    Utilisée dans cette configuration, vous aurez l'antenne verticale idéale pour les endroits où la place est comptée.
    Associée à l'antenne Chameleon MIL, vous disposez d'une verticale couvrant de 160 m à 6 m de seulement 3 m de hauteur.
  4. HYBRID-MINI-Basis et dipôle
    La base permet naturellement d'utiliser tout type de dipôle.
    Les caractéristiques seront identiques à celles d'un dipôle standard en fonction de la hauteur, de la forme et de la longueur des éléments.
    Vous trouverez plusieurs exemples en bas de page.

Ground spike antenna base 'Spike Mount'
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11460 Ground spike antenna base 'Spike Mount' 69.00 € Ajouter au panier Pas de stock, expedition le 27. sept.. 2019
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The Chameleon HYBRID-MICRO is an even lighter Version of the HYBRID-MINI antenna (ref. 11458).
The weight is about 500g, which makes this antennee highly suitable for backpacking. The base of the antenna is a smaller version of the wideband balun, which is also equipped with 3/8" tthreads for mechanical installation. Included in shipment is a 20m long wire, which acts as a wideband antenna from 1.8 to 54 MHz. The VSWR is subject to configuration, a tuner is required. The most effective installation will be in a reasonable height above ground, for example in a tree. Max. TX power 100W, connector PL socket.

11454 Chameleon HYBRID-MICRO 226.00 € Ajouter au panier Pas de stock, expedition le 27. sept.. 2019
11460 Ground spike antenna base 'Spike Mount' 69.00 € Ajouter au panier Pas de stock, expedition le 27. sept.. 2019
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Ground spike antenna base 'Spike Mount'

Chameleon EMCOMM II

Chameleon EMCOMM II

A slightly different form of hybrid is the Chameleon Emcomm II.
The Emcomm II is a portable antenna, which can also be very good to use as a base station antenna. With the large frequency range of 1.8 - 54MHz, this antenna covers all shortwave bands completely. At the Emcomm II a 18m wire already connected. In contrast to the hybrid, mobile Whips etc. can not be mounted. For easy installation, the balun has on the top a ring terminal with a snap hook which serves simultaneously as a tension relief for the radiator. On the bottom there is a PL-jack for the coaxial cable and an additional screw with wing nut for a ground connection.
The antenna can be built in different variants to the optimal use of (non) available space. At the same time you can also influence the emission behavior of the Emcomm II by these different structure types.
The Emcomm II supports up to 500 W PEP (250 W CW). Depending on the configuration, a tuner is required. The built-in tuner in transceivers are fully sufficient here.

11456 Chameleon Emcomm II 158.00 € Ajouter au panier Pas de stock, expedition le 27. sept.. 2019
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Chameleon Skyloop Nouveau

Chameleon Skyloop

Horizontal loop for NVIS communication

The Chameleon Skyloop is a loop wire antenna, with a length tuned to the 80m band. Due to the use of a broadband transformer and with the help of a tuner this antenna can be used on higher shortwave bands as well. A horizontal loop does not require q huge height above ground to perform sufficiently well. CLose to the ground you get a strong reflection from the ground, resulting in a most skywards, steep take off angle - which is good for local traffic up to about 2000 km, depending on the time of day. DX is also possible, but the lower radiation angles are comparatively weaker than with other antenna designs.

The efficiency of such wire loop antennas is defined by the enclosed area of the loop - the larger the better. Therefore a circular loop would be ideal, because a circle has the most favorable ratio between area and circumference (length of the wire). Bot who has the space for that? The Skyloop will work nicely in near square shaped forms with excellent results. Another benefit of horizintal loops is that such antennas have a comparatively low noise level, which makes reception of weak signals much better.

Height above ground is not bvery critcal. The antenna will start top work at heights of 3 to 4 m above ground. The recommended height is about 7 to 8 m for good NVIS performance, i.e. very steep take off angles. The higher the antenna is installed the ĺower the take off angle will be - good for DX, less ideal for regional radio traffic. The Chameleon Skyloop is cut to a length for operation on the 80m band, with a tneroperations on other bands are also possible. Please note that the vertical radiation diagram has more and stronger lobes and also nulls, i.e. elevations of strongly reduced gain. So the signal strength will vary with the incidence angle. On the lower bands the antenna has no nulls and no significant lobes in the vertical pattern.

The wire of the Skyloop is approx. 76m long, which results in an area of approx. 20 x 20m when arranged in a square form. This is certainly less than ideal of the backyard of a terraced house, but maybe this antenna is an ideal experiemnt for thenext Fieldday or for a DX-pedition style vacation! The feed of the antenna is done with a 4:1 broadband transformer with PL socket, like it is used with the EMCOMM-II antenna also. The max. power load is 1000 W CW. Guy ropes are not supplied. The manufactuer recommends a minimum cable length of approx 8m, the cable should be arranged perpendicular to the antenna.

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Chameleon MIL Whip

Chameleon MIL Whip

Very light, small and portable antenna (being collapsible). Can be used simply as a normal antenna rod or as an optional accessory for the Chameleon MINI-HYBRID

If the antenna is used in conjunction with the Chameleon HYBRID, then it is working on 6m to 160m at a power of 800 W SSB. Unmounted the antenna is only 73cm long. The 5 aluminum tubes are hold by a MIL-SPEC rubber cord. The Chameleon MIL WHIP antenna can only be used as a portable or in a non permanent stationary installation. Never use it mobile while in motion.

Dates techniques
Longuer (full) 330cm
Poids 270g
Gamme de fréquence 160-6m
Puissance maxi [1] 1500W
Connecteur 3/8" thread bolt
Impedance 50 Ohm

[1] Seulement le radiateur, sans balun etc.

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MIL EXT: 2m Extender for MIL WHIP and all other 3/8" antenna rods

The MIL Extender whip has been designed to offer maximum portability and performance.

This collapsible antenna extension may be used with the MIL WHIP to create a 6m long portable antenna, of course works also with any other 3/8" antenna rod. When combined with any HYBRID series antenna bases (p/n 11458) the MIL EXT will operate at all frequencies in the 1.8-54 MHz band without any adjustment with most modern external antenna tuners.

This three 65cm sections of 18 mm diameter aluminum alloy tubing is designed for portable HF communication where rapid deployment and simplicity of operation is essential but compactness is primordial.

Connector: 3/8" top and bottom
Length: collapsed 65cm, extended 1.9m
Weight: 450 g

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Accessoires pour Antennes Chameleon

Accessoires approprié pour installation comme des embases mobiles, des resssorts etc. Accessoires pour des antennes mobile deca.

R1 partie centrale

R1 avec partie centrale

La partie centrale R1 est prévue pour láinstallation de deux Chaméléons. Pour reduire une contrainte mécanique trop elevée, il est conseillé dáarrimer láantenne avec des haubans

11400.G R1 straight center unit 18.00 € Pas de stock, dlai de livraison inconnu.
11400.V R1 V-mounting center part 14.90 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
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Images et schémas dáinstallations dáantennes Chameleon

11458 Detail Chameleon Hybrid in Detail
11458 On Bicycle Chameleon Hybrid + MILWhip On Bicycle
11458 HYBRID MIL On Mast Chameleon Hybrid and MIL Whip On Mast
11458 HYBRID MIL On Mast Chameleon Hybrid and MIL Whip On Mast
11458 HYBRID MIL On Mast Chameleon Hybrid and MIL Whip On Mast
11458 HYBRID V1L On Truck Chameleon Hybrid with V1L, On Truck
11459 MIL Whip + MIL EXT On Mast MIL Whip + MIL EXT On Mast
Chameleon V1L
Chameleon V1L

Chameleon Ground spike antenna base 'Spike Mount'

Spike Mount

The Chameleon 'Spike Mount' is an inventive extension to many portable antenna systems. It is a ground stake with an 3/8" socket. Additional it offers an attachment for a wire ground radial.

The 'Spike Mount' is made from stainless steel and very solid. The 3/8" socket serves as a mount moint for antenna carrier systems by Chameleon and other manufacturers, for example for the Chameleon 'Hybrid Mini' or 'Hybrid Micro'. Since the grounding with a stake is usually not sufficient, an additional counterpoise wire can be easily attached to the stake with a knurled thumb screw. Length 50cm, weight 500 g.

11460 Chameleon Ground spike antenna base 'Spike Mount' 69.00 € Ajouter au panier Pas de stock, expedition le 27. sept.. 2019
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