Coaxial Connectors

Series CRC-9

The connector CRC-9 is used for pigtails for UMTS/3G USB sticks, PCMCIA cards and other UMTS/3G modems. Several (but not all!) modems by the manufacturer Huawei use this connector.

CRC-9 Plug

42945 RG-316, crimp 2.50 € Add to shopping cart

Ready to use Pigtails with CRC-9

Pigtail CRC-9

40307.N-F30cm, N female 24.50 € Add to shopping cart
40307.S-F30cm, SMA jack, flange mount 22.40 € Add to shopping cart
40307.SFR30cm, RP-SMA jack, flange mount 18.40 € Add to shopping cart