Customer specific antennas

Specialist have more...
We are specialised on the development and production of antennas for all purposes. We offer specialised solutions directed to your needs and can supply small or large quantities at an attractive pricing.
  • Detaild standard program
  • Special version on customer specifications, also in low quantities
  • Delivery times which are usually unattainable with broadline distributors

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DIRC Router antenna

Intelligent wirelessLAN-Router built by DIRC with four WiMo directional antennas for 2.4HGHz.

435 MHz Pager antenna

435MHz antenna for a hospital pager system

2.3GHz antennas

2300MHz antenna for room surveillance

Telephone antenna

Antenna for cordless phone, manufactured in lots of 10k.

40MHz antenna

Equipment antenna for 40.68 MHz

86 MHz Radio antenna

Radio antenna 86MHz for German Railway (DB)

Radio modem antenna

Antenna for 435MHz, fixed installation, with knuckle for portable radio modem

432MHz Antenna

Mast mounted antenna for 432MHz with built-in radio modem

Antenna for wireless microphones

Receiving antenna 140-500MHz for wireless microphones.