VHF/UHF vertical antennas

J-pole duoband vertical antenna

Duoband vertical

J-pole antennas have made a name for itself because of their high gain at a comparatively small small size. This type of antenna was invented early in the last century and was employed during WW2 for use in a Zeppelin and was therefore called 'Zepp' antenna. The electrical principle of the wire antenna for shortwave is the same as this J-antenna or J-Pole: a halfwave length or radiator fed by a quarter wavelength feed. The antenna has a grounded radiator and is thus immune to static charges. The feed requires just one coax cable even for the dual band antenna. The radiating elements for the dual band J-Pole are made of 10 mm aluminum tubes, the tubes for the 4 and 6m version are constructed from 25 to 35mm thick tubes. This results in a very solid design which gives you a longterm stability.

J-Pole Duo EA4J EA6J
Gamme de fréquence 140-150 + 420-470 70-70,5 50-54 MHz
Gain 6 6 6 6 dBi
Puissance maxi 500 2000 2000 W
TOS ≤ 1.4:1 ≤ 1.3:1 1,0:1~1,2:1
(1 MHz.)
(2 MHz.)
Hauteur 145 395 502 cm
Diamètre du mât maxi 50 46 46 mm
Poids 400 3000 3500 g
Connecteur PL PL PL
17790.DJ J-Pole ANtenne vertical bi-bande 2m/70cm 49.50 € Ajouter au panier En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
17790.4J EAntenna EA4J Antenne vertical J-Pole 70 MHz. 105.00 € Ajouter au panier Nouveau Pas de stock, livraison en 25 jours.
17790.6J EAntenna EA6J Antenne vertical J-Pole 50 MHz. 115.00 € Ajouter au panier Nouveau En stock, expedi sous 1 2 jours.
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