Mount bracket for trailer hook

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Supply Scope

  • CNC parts for AHK foot 3 parts
  • DIN 125 ZN Washer A 8
  • DIN 7991 ZN 8.8 inner hexagon countersunk 5x25
  • DIN 7991 ZN 8.8 inner hexagon countersunk 5x25
  • DIN 985 ZN M8 Lock nut
Especially long antennas can't be mounted safely on the top of the car because that would violate the max. allowed height. And the sheet metal might not be solid enough...

The massive aluminum mount is installed on the trailer hitch and fastened with two large screws. The top surface has drill holes prepared for the 3/8" mount Order No. 11106 (not included). With the large surface area the trailer hitch mount has a good ground contact to the car.

Of course this mount is also suitable for cars with aluminum chassis, where magnet mounts cannot be used. Please observe the local vehicle and traffic regulations! Use while driving is not permitted AFAWK.
Technical Data
Product Name 11119
Brand WiMo
Mount type Screw mount

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