Balun 1:1, 1000W SSB/CW

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Toroid baluns for wire antennas, sealed tightly in a weatherproof case, with solid hooks for wires. Connectors stainless steel, recessed PL connector.

The baluns sold by WiMo have a colour code which denotes the transformation ratio. Now, if you have several of these baluns you probably do not know anymore which color means which ratio. So if you need it, here is the list :

Red 1:1
Blue 1:2
Green 1:4
Yellow 1:6
Technical Data
Product Name 11364.01
Transformation Ratio 1:1
Type of balun Current Balun (Choke)
Max. Power [W] 1000 W
Frequency Range 1 - 30 MHz
Connector PL-Buchse