Buddipole Mini cable for coil tap

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Short cables for contacting the tap on a coil. Three different lengths (10, 15 and 22 cm) are available for the different sized coils, as well as two colours (red, black). Spare part, as both coils are included in the delivery.

  • Buddipole standard coil (10 - 40m) requires the 15 cm cable
  • Buddipole Mini Coil (10 - 20m) needs the 10 cm cable
  • Buddipole Low Band Coil (80m) needs the 22 cm cable

The price is for 1 cable, a Buddipole with two coils needs two cables, one red, one black. Spare part, these cables are included with the Buddipole and Buddistick as well as the coils.

Technical Data
Product Name Buddipole Mini cable for coil tap
Brand Buddipole
Connector A Mini banana plug
Connector B Ring lug 17mm (3/8")

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