Buddipole Shockcord Mast short240m

Buddipole Shockcord Mast short240m

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Collapsible Mast with short transport size

The new 'shockcord' masts by Buddipole are made from short aluminium segments, which are held together by a strong shockcord band (a rubber band, like with some tent poles). With this construction the segments never can get lost and are assembled within seconds.

The aluminium segments are keyed to prevent twisting of the mast. Two versions are available: the short mast has a collapsed length of only 33cm, erected it is 2.4m long (weight 540g); the large mast has a transport length of 58cm and extends to 3.3m (weight 740g). With that size it also fits in the standard bag of the Buddipole Deluxe Kit.

Included is one large stretch velcro strap which can be used as strain relief or to secure the mast to a railing or fence post. Also included is a ballistic cloth bag to protect the mast, as well as a hex wrench to easily exchange the shockcord if necessary. These masts cannot be used with the Buddipole Tripods!
Technical Data
Height [m] 2.4 m


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