Buddipole VAC vertical adaptor clamp

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  • Buddipole VAC vertical clamp

The Buddipole VAC is a very versatile clamp to mount the Buddistick or other small antenna.

The Vertical Adaptor Clamp (VAC) has a total of three joints and is therefore adjustable in almost any direction. So you always achieve a vertical alignment, no matter how crooked the mounting option is. The clamp spans a maximum of 65mm and can be attached to balcony railings, balustrades, vertical poles or wall projections. Due to the rubber coating of the supports, the VAC could even be fixed to a car without scratching the paint. The VAC ends in a rotatable bolt with 1/4" thread, as it is common with all photo tripods. This allows to mount a photo camera directly on the clamp. The VAC weighs 208 g.

To mount the Buddistick, for example, the adapter plate 11420.MKT is required. This plate offers connections for the antenna and one or more radials.

    Technical Data
    Product Name 11420.VAC
    Weight 208 g
    Color Black
    Brand Buddipole

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