Tarheel Ground Radial Kit

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Supply Scope

  • ten radials with 275cm length each
The massive stainless steel plate (6mm) is inted for use on the same pole where the antenna is installed. Max pole diameter is 35mm. The plate has a diameter of 23cm and offers 20 screw--contacts for radial wires. Included in shipment are 10 readials of 275cm length each.

There is no need to lay out the radials strictly in a star pattern. You can bend the radials, leave out some areas, just as the surroundings allow. The only limitation is that the radials should not cross over each other.

The radial plate should be installed as close to the ground as possible, the antenna as close as possible above it. All parts are made of stainless steel, except the wires.
Technical Data
Product Name 11930.GR
Brand Tarheel

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