11MOX Monoband MOXON Antenna 11m

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  • Antenna 11MOX
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EAntenna's Moxon antennas are characterised by the implementation of the idea of their designer, Les Moxon, G6XN. The result is an antenna of small dimensions and gain equal to a 2 element Yagi of 1/2 wavelengths.  Of course the EAntenna philosophy of solid antenna construction for use in inclement weather applies to this antenna as well.

  • Antenna in the shape of a rectangle, angled elements which result in slightly less gain compared to an antenna of 1/2 wavelength.
  • The feed is direct at 50 Ohms, with a 3 kW balun as standard with a PL-UHF female SO-239 connector.
  • The bandwidth covers the whole band, with low SWR.
  • The radiation lobe is very wide, so you can receive correspondent signals from the direction the antenna is pointed to.
  • The front/back ratio is very high, with peaks of 45 dB. This ratio has never been possible with simple 2 element antennas.
  • Boom square 30×2 millimetres.
  • 16/13mm diameter elements.
  • Mast plate of 150x100mm with 6mm of thickness, M8 brackets for the the mast, max. 50mm diameter.

The 11MOX is ideal for field trips, to have your first 11m directional antenna, to be used with simple masts on the terrace or roof. Or put it in any place of your existing tower, with or without rotator. With a very acceptable gain for its dimensions, makes this antenna a unique combination. Simple and fast assembly, due to the fact that the boom connection parts are very easy to assemble. Very solid construction and very light weight.

Technical Data
Product Name 11MOX
Max. Element Length 21931
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Weight (Transport) [kg] 5.15
Brand EAntenna
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Supported Bands 11m
Wind Surface (m²) 0,07
Weight 5 kg
Number of Elements 2
Boom length [cm] 151 cm
Balun Included Yes
Max. Power [W] 3000 W
Frequency Range 27 - 28 MHz
Polarisation Horizontal
Antenna Guying No
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Antenna mount Center Mount
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 50
Connector SO-239
Gain [dBi] (free space) 6
11MOX Monoband MOXON Antenna 11m
11MOX Monoband MOXON Antenna 11m

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