Ultrabeam ICE Kit for 4 el. 6-40m

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Supply Scope

  • 3x  alu standoff 70x70x1495mm thickness 3mm
  • 6x  Sets TIR-L50 + 8 pcs. inbus screws M4 x 40 mm
  • 12x  duplex clamp 4 mm
  • 6x  ring screw M8x100 + washers + self-locking nuts
  • 6x  5,5m Mastrant rope 4mm
  • 6x  6,7 7m Mastrant rope 4mm
  • 6x  ea. O-ring 0796, O-ring 0780
  • 9x  screws M6x90 + washers + self-locking nuts
  • 12x  screws M8x140 + washers + self-locking nuts

The ICE Kit is intended for use in regions with heavy snow and ice loads on the antenna. The Ultrabeam ICE kit replaces the existing, simple element truss.

In contrast to the normal truss kit, higher and stronger vertical stands are supplied here (aluminium 70 x 70 x 1495 mm, 3mm wall thickness)). Each element is braced twice to each side (instead of only once as with the normal truss kit). This ensures an even higher load capacity with weight through ice on the elements, the elements sag less.All necessary ropes and fastening elements are included in the scope of delivery.

Technical Data
Product Name Ultrabeam ICE Kit
Suitable for Ultrabeam 4 El. 6-40m (12210.4)
Brand Ultrabeam

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