Ultrabeam Element Truss Kit UB-50

Ultrabeam Element Truss Kit UB-50

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Supply Scope

  • 1 x aluminum spacer 500 x 35 x 35 mm thickness 3 mm
  • 2 x screws M6x90 + washers + self-locking nuts
  • 1 x bracket + 3 pieces of screws M6 x 50 mm
  • 2 sets of TIR-L50 + 8 Allen screws M4 x 40 mm
  • 2 pieces. O-ring 0796, O-ring 0780
  • 2 x duplex clamps 3 mm
  • 7m mastrant rope 3mm
The UB-50 is a very special antenna model in the Ultrabeam range, it is a compact beam which covers the amateur radio bands from 6 to 40m. This antenna works as a 3 element fullsize beam on 6 to 20m. When working on 30 and 40m the two elements in front are retracted, the rear element becomes the radiator, a rotary dipole. To accomodate the length of a full size dipole for these frequencies the copper band is turned in parallel to the boom. The result is a good SWR and high efficiency nearly identical to a linear fullsize dipole. With the folded element the rotating radius is only 5.6m! The element holders of the UB-50 are reinforced to carry the added weight on the elements.

The UB-50 was designed - as all Ultrabeam antennas - for operations on shortwave. The antenna also works on 6m but not with very good properties. For 6m the element distance is too small, due to the short boom. Working the occasional QSO will be possible with the use of a tuner. Much better results are achieved with the optional 6m kit. This kit adds two passive elements for 6m, which are mounted on the boom between the existing elements. With these extra elements the UB-50 antenna has a gain of approx. 8.2 dB and 20 dB front/back ratio.

For switching between the configuration as 3 element (6-20m) and as rotary dipole (30 & 40m) a coaxial relay is included, it is automatically engaged by the controller. This relay requires two additional wires in the control cable.

For this antenna we offer an optional truss kit for the elements. This kit contains a support pillar, which is installed vertically on the boom, plus guying ropes with all mechanical hardware required to install the guy wires to the extremities of the boom.

Technical Data
Product Name 12215.TKIT
Brand Ultrabeam

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