Adhesive/On Glass Antenna 4m-Band 70-86 MHz

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Supply Scope

  • Adhesive antenna
  • Antenna base
  • Antenna radiator
  • Matching box with connection cable
  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting instructions


Models 15020 and 15030 do have a cable included, but without connector. You need a connector suitable for RG-58 cable and your radio.


Some car models have a heat protective coated glass which is electrically conductive and is not suitable for these antennas. Please refer to the manufacturer or your suplier.

Technical Data
Product Name 15030
Max. Element Length 0.77
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Brand WiMo
Supported Bands 4m
Polarisation Hor or Vert.
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna Dipole

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