Equipment antenna 2.4GHz, SMA 90°

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RP-SMA aka R-SMA or Reverse-SMA. Fits without adaptor to PCI boards, many devices by Netgear, D-Link etc. In case of dount please ask us.

RP-TNC aka R-TNC or Reverse-TNC. Fits without adaptor to many devices by Linksys, Cisco etc. In case of doubt please ask us.

SMA if used with WIFi equipment require adaptor 42880 to RP-SMA in most cases.

Looking for a magnet base for these antennas? Please click here: Mini magnet base for SMA antennas.
More Information
Max. Power Handling 10W
Gain DBI (dB) 2.1
Material Polyurethan, schwarz
Length (cm) 0.077m
Antenna Type Halbwellendipol
Radiator Type Omnidirectional
Title Equipment antenna 2.4GHz, SMA 90°
Short Description Device antenna 2400MHz, angled 90°, SMA