Power splitter 13cm f. 3 antennas

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For interconnecting or adding three identical antennas. The pots are made of brass and copper, the screws are also made of brass to avoid corrosion by local element formation. Painted black.

Long version for H-shaped stacked antennas, to avoid the otherwise inevitable wire housing. The matching pot is mounted horizontally in the middle of the 'H', the feed lines to the individual antennas are laid symmetrically to the outside.

Splitter 5GHz WLAN or amateur radio band 6cm, applicable from 5 to 6GHz. All connections N-socket. Power rating up to 2000W, insertion loss approx. 0.5dB.
Technical Data
Product Name 18096.3
Brand WiMo
Supported Bands 13cm
Connector A N Socket
Connector B N Socket
Connector C N Socket

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