6m Carbon Mast Ultra Light

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  • 6m Carbon Mast Ultra Light

Carbon fibre reinforced plastic is one of the lightest and strongest materials of our time and is therefore often used in racing or by aircraft manufacturers. The Carbon-6 uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic to produce an extremely light and small portable mast.

The Carbon-6 mast has an extended length of 6m and is therefore suitable for many lightweight portable antennas for shortwave. The transport length is only 43cm, which fits in the on-board luggage, in the backpack or a top case on the motorcycle. The sensationally low weight of only 300 grams is very easy to carry when hiking. So you always have a super-compact mast with you, which helps you even on the highest SOTA peaks above the tree line, where otherwise no wire can be fixed.

Due to the extremely thin tip and high flexibility of the Carbon-6 mast, this mast is not suitable to carry a dipole with a balun in the middle. Use the Carbon-6 to carry the wire end of an end-fed antenna or a dipole end (sloper). The mast has caps at both ends. At the bottom end a solid foam is inserted into the cap to absorb falling segments of the mast and protect them from damage.

Extended height: 6m
Transport length: 43cm
Number of sections: 18
Wall thickness: max. 1mm
Diameter bottom: 30mm
Diameter top: 1mm
Colour: White
Weight: 300 g

Carbon fibre reinforced plastic is slightly conductive. Special care is therefore required in the vicinity of high-voltage lines. An antenna is not affected in its efficiency by this conductivity, the attenuation is maximum 0.1dB. Due to the very thin tip and high flexibility of the mast, heavier antennas can only be installed up to a height of max. 5m.

Technical Data
Product Name 18330.6UL
Weight 330 g
Material Carbon Fibre reinforced plastic
Brand Sotabeams

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