Sotabeams HD fibreglass mast, 7m long, robust design

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Top Features

  • Robust segments - perfect balance of strength, stiffness and weight.
  • Short pack length (58 cm) for easy transport in a backpack
  • Fits diagonally in most carry-on bags
  • Carrying bag with camouflage pattern, with drawstring
  • Segments are individually removable

Supply Scope

  • Sotabeams HD fibreglass mast
  • Camouflage coloured carry bag

The assembly should always start with the smallest section and, when dismantling, always with the largest section. Mast sections can be removed by unscrewing the end cap at the lower end of the mast, pulling out the shock absorber and removing the sections that are not needed.

The mast sections have a roughened zone that provides very good hold of the segments. With a twisting movement, the individual sections can be tightened and also loosened again.

The inserted length is 59 cm, if you remove the caps it will be a bit shorter. Then the mast will probably fit into most airline luggage (but please test beforehand!).

The mast is made of fibreglass (GRP), which is an excellent insulator and also has very low losses in the high frequency range.

This mast was created at the request of a customer. The goal was to develop a reliable telescopic mast that is compact enough to be used on the road. At the same time, the product should be suitable for extreme environments and stiff enough not to bend too much. The result is the Tactical 7000 hds (heavy-duty short) mast from Sotabeams.

A high-quality portable mast for extreme conditions.

Technical Data
Product Name 18330.7
Extended Length 7
Retracted Length 59
Weight 1.7 kg
Material Glass Fibre reinforced plastic
Brand Sotabeams

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