Standard Fibre glass mast 6m

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Supply Scope
  • Standard Fibre glass mast 6m
Telescopic poles made of fibreglass, non-conductive. High bending stiffness due to reinforced axial armouring, much stiffer than fishing rods. Carries a HB9CV for 2m or a light KW dipole at 8-9m height. Extended or collapsed in a few seconds. Ideal for quick set-up on the balcony, in the garden, on holiday, on fieldday and when antennas are banned. Set-up time of a wire vertical approx. 1 minute, of a light dipole approx. 5 minutes. Dismantling time approx. 30 seconds!

No foundation necessary. With a cord on the balcony, with insulating tape on the car mirror or on a wooden pole at the fieldday - ready ! Easy to transport, fits in any car boot. No problem as flight luggage. Diameter of the innermost tube at the top approx. 3mm, diameter at the bottom 28mm.
Technical Data
Product Name 18338.06
Retracted Length 1.17
Diameter bottom (mm) 28
Number of segments 6.0000
Extended Length 6
Weight [kg] 0.46 kgs