Ground spit up to 60mm diameter

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Supply Scope

  • Ground spit
For all types of poles, tubes... up to 60mm diameter, with reducing rings for smaller pipe diameters and lever to screw in. Hot-dip galvanised, length 54cm, weight complete 1,85 kg.

When using, please note that the clamping length of the poles is only about 10-15cm, depending on the diameter. If the masts are not braced, high transverse forces will therefore occur at the bottom, which can lead to damage, and in the case of fibreglass masts also to splintering of the mast.

When using a guy wire for long masts, we recommend first erecting and tensioning them completely without using the ground anchor, and then lifting the foot end into the ground anchor.
Technical Data
Product Name 18370
Weight 1.85 kg
Brand WiMo

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