PA144-432-13-1.5A Dualband Yagi 2m/70cm

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Top Features

  • 5 elements for VHF
  • 8 elements for UHF
  • 10.1 dBi gain VHF (free space)
  • 12.5 dBi gain UHF (free space)
  • only 1.5m boom length

Supply Scope

  • PA-144-432-13-1.5A Yagi
  • Mast clamp

Technical description PA144-432-13-1.5A

The Dualband Yagi PA-144-432-13-1.5 is a compact Yagi for the bands 2m (VHF, 144-146 MHz) and UHF (70cm, 430-440 MHz). The antenna has a common connector for both bands, which simplifies the connection to typical VHF/UHF dual-band devices with a built-in diplexer. The gain is 10.1 or 12.5 dBi in free space, the SWR is less than 1.2:1 over the whole band. The elements are made of solid material and are therefore very robust.

Application description PA144-432-13-1.5A

The compact PA-144-432-13-1.5A is suitable for setting up a small VHF/UHF radio system for both bands. The good SWR over the whole band (on 2m and 70cm!) makes this antenna suitable for SSB/CW/FT8 as well as FM/DV applications. When using a boom or a non-metallic mast, repeater operation with vertical polarisation is very easily feasible.

Technical Data
Product Name PA144-432-13-1.5A
Gain 432 MHz [dBi] 12.5
Gain 144 MHz [dBi] 10.3
Number of connectors 1
Front/Back Ratio 145 MHz (dB) 27 dB
Front/Back Ratio 432 MHz (dB) 25 dB
Supported Bands 2m
Mono-/Multiband Dual band
Number of Elements 5+8
Boom length [cm] 150 cm
Balun Included Yes, current balun (choke)
Max. Power [W] 100 W
Max. Power 100W (VHF), 50W (UHF)
Frequency Range 144-146 + 430-440 MHz
Polarisation Horizontal
Boom Size 20 x 20 mm
Antenna Guying No
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Strut no
Antenna mount Center Mount
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 50mm
Connector N-Buchse
Documentation Languages EN
Weight [kg] 1.30 kgs