Bandpass filter 144-146 MHz, 200W

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Top Features

  • Extremely steep edges
  • Very low insertion loss on 2m
  • Maximum transmit power 200 W

Supply Scope

  • Bandpass filter 144-146 MHz, 200W

Technical description BPF-2M-0k2

The bandpass filter for the 2m VHF band (144-146 MHz) can be used with a maximum transmit power of 200W. This makes the filter suitable for use with most transceivers and transverter systems. The very low insertion loss of approx. 0.25 dB is achieved by careful component selection and precise balancing. Outside the passband, the bandpass filter achieves excellent attenuation values both on shortwave and on the upper VHF bands.

The maximum transmit power should not exceed 200W SSB with a very well matched antenna. If the antenna has a less than ideal SWR, reduce the transmit power.

Application description BPF-2M-0k2

Even the most used VHF band - the 2m band - suffers from interference from neighbouring transmitters and electronic equipment. A bandpass filter can help reduce these signals. In addition, the 2m bandpass filter from Antenna Amplifiers suppresses harmonics in your own signal that may cause discomfort to your neighbours.

The BPF-2M-0K2 is not weatherproof and is used in the shack in front of the transceiver or receiver. With the maximum permissible transmitting power of 200W (at SWR of 1:1), the filter can be used with most commercially available transmitters.

Technical Data
Product Name BPF-2M-0k2
Brand Antennas Amplifiers
Impedance (Ω) 50
Supported Bands 2m
Insertion Loss (dB) 0.25
Weight 500 g
Frequency Range 144-146 MHz
Connector A N Socket
Connector B N Socket
Documentation Languages EN

The company 'Antenna Amplifiers' (YU1CF) is known for uncompromising high-performance technology, such as VHF Yagis and bandpass filters.

Bandpass filter 144-146 MHz, 200W
Bandpass filter 144-146 MHz, 200W

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