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InnovAntennas VertiGO 43V HF Vertical (13m)

InnovAntennas VertiGO 43V HF Vertical (13m)

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Top Features
  • 13m height
  • Operation on 60-17m with tuner

Technical description VertiGO 43V

Most shortened vertical radiators use traps or coils to achieve the necessary matching required by a modern transceiver. These components lead to losses and the power is converted into heat.

The InnovAntennas VertiGO 43V radiates on all bands along its entire length. When fed directly, this antenna is resonant on 40 and 15m. With a tuner at the base of the antenna (where it belongs best), the antenna can be used on all frequencies from 5 to 18.5 MHz without the coaxial cable radiating. Ground radials are necessary for efficient operation, the more the better. The construction is extremely robust, the VertiGO 43V uses tube diameters from 60 mm at the bottom to 6mm at the top, in 14 segments. The antenna can be set up free-standing, bracing in one or two planes is recommended.

Application description VertiGO 43V

This type of vertical radiator is one of the best ways to operate a good antenna even on the lower bands on a small plot of land. While dipoles have to be hung quite high, the VertiGO 43V can be set up directly on the ground.

The antenna is well suited for DX on the lower bands because it has a very flat radiation angle. As the frequency increases, so does the elevation angle, and the elevation pattern becomes a little more pronounced. Nevertheless, this antenna should still work better than a very shortened vertical radiator. Even on the bands 15 to 6m it is still possible to operate, but due to the steep radiation it is no longer suitable for DX.

Technical Data
Design of antenna Vertical Omni
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Polarisation Vertical
Max. Power [W] 8000 W
Height [m] 13 m
Supported Bands 17m
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 52 mm
Connector Screw Terminal
Weight [kg] 7.00 kgs


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