InnovAntennas 4 El. 50 MHz LFA-Q Yagi

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Top Features

  • 4m boom
  • 5kW+ Power rating
  • 6kg weight

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  • Antenna
  • Assembly instructions

Technical description 18485.0043

The LFA-Q Yagis from G0KSC represent a significant further development of the Yagi antennas. Due to the loop-shaped elements, there are considerably fewer side lobes in the directivity pattern. This means less energy is absorbed from the sides or rear, and the antennas are designed for the best gain with a relatively short boom. The SWR in the range 50-50.4 MHz is less than 1.4:1, the gain is approx. 11.3 dBi.

Application description 18485.0043

The LFA-Q (Loop Fed Array Quad) Low-Noise Yagis are a further development of the LFA Yagis with one difference. Instead of using symmetrical square or triangular loops, the LFA-Q uses LFA Yagi-style loops to achieve a high level of side rejection. This with every element and not just the spotlight.

The shape of the loops has been chosen so that the short side sections are exactly 180 degrees out of phase and therefore a cancellation effect occurs, similar to a symmetrical feeder line. This means that a high level of suppression can be achieved both to the sides and to the rear of the antenna.

Technical Data
Product Name 18485.0043
Number of connectors 1
Front/Back Ratio 50 MHz (dB) 30.3
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Brand Innov Antennas
Supported Bands 6m
Number of Elements 4
Boom length [cm] 400 cm
Front/Back ratio [dB] 30.3
Balun Included No
Max. Power [W] 5000 W
Band 6m
Frequency Range 50-52 MHz
Stacking Distance horizontal (cm) 700
Polarisation Horizontal
Rotation Radius [m] 2.02
Antenna Guying No
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Strut no
Antenna mount Center Mount
Connector Screw Terminals
Gain [dBi] (free space) 11.3
Gain 50 MHz [dBi] 11.3
InnovAntennas offers a good compromise between size and gain with its huge range of Yagi antennas. Different designs make this antenna well suited for radio amateurs with limited space, who also want the greatest possible performance in the city. Of course, InnovAntennas also offers smaller and larger monoband antennas for the 6m band, as well as combined dual-band antennas for 4m/6m.
InnovAntennas 4 El. 50 MHz LFA-Q Yagi
InnovAntennas 4 El. 50 MHz LFA-Q Yagi

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