Mounting bracket f. VC-2400 / MG-200 etc.

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Supply Scope

  • Angle aluminium
  • Screws 4x
  • Dowels 4x
For wall mount of antennas like MG-200, VC-2400 (18615.N) or all other antennas with SMA or TNC connector (18615.SMA, 18615.TNC).


Versatile use: the 16mm hole takes any N connector, cable sets or pigtails with N panel jacks, the antenna is then mounted on top of this N jack. Use cable harness Order No. 20052, Pigtail with N jack Order No. 40300.N-F, or N panel mount Order No. 42055. Material aluminum, includes screws etc.
Technical Data
Product Name 18615.N
Brand WiMo

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