Diplexer 2m / 70cm, 3x PL

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Supply Scope

  • Antenna diplexer 2m / 70cm
Diplexer for high power, for simultaneous use of 2m and 70cm rigs on one antenna. The models with radio port a car radio can be connected. Completely aligned, no further adjustment required. All connections are made on one side to facility cabling. Much better (less) cross talk from 2m port to radio port due to he use of elliptical filters. Radio connection always F connector (if applicable). F connectors and ready made cables available optionally. Some models with PL (2m) and N (70cm) jacks, other models with cable assemblies for direct connection to rig. Cables are equippedwith FME connectors, various adaptors available.

Common data:

Max. power load: 100 Watt

Sizes: 75x55x30 mm


Filters with broadcast port are narrow band in the 2m range (142-148 MHz). Special models for public mobile radio up to 174MHz are available on request.
Technical Data
Product Name 22031
Brand WiMo

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