Quick-release f. portable masts, black

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  • One (1) piece of quick release lever, black

Option for the portable masts offered by WiMo. Usually these masts require a flat or socket wrench, with the quick release clamps you can raise and lower the masts without any tools.

Even with limited space these quick clamps can be easily used, because the lever can be adjusted at any position. Just pull out and release the lever, the strong spring latches the lever at the desired position. In contrast to the usual tommy screws (star grip screws) the quick release clamps allow for secure tightening of the clamp without using too much force.

How many quick release clamps are needed for a mast?

The particular mast requires this number of segments minus one clamps. Example: The mast "PMXL 6/1.5 (18300.6XL)" consists of five segments, you would need four quick release clamps.

Of course older WiMo masts can be retrofitted with these quick release clamps, as well as any other mast which uses M8 screws.

Note: The scope of delivery of item number 23046.01 includes one (1) piece of quick release.

Technical Data
Product Name 23046.01
Thread M8
Color Black
Brand WiMo

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