Mastrant - Individual Work Safety Tools

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The universal safety harness LX2 is worn around chest and pelvis and allows a safe working position even in large heights. The padded lap belt offers a high wearing comfort even for long working hours. Heave hook on front and rear, adjustable shoulder and leg belts. Suitable for equivalent garment sizes M to XL, shipped without stay rope or fall damper. Conforms to safety standards EN 361, EN 358, CE0082.

The stay rope PROT3 is attached to a safety harness and is used to attach oneself to the mast in a safe working position. Very large carabines allow an easy and fast hooking of the rope, even when wearing gloves. The length can be easily adjusted with one hand. Rope strength 14mm, max. length 2m. Conform to safety standard EN 358.

The fall damper ABM 2L offer two carabines for hooking to a mast, plus an absorption element. In case of a fall the asbsorption element (shock absorber) stretches and avoids a sharp jolt. Length 1,8m. Conforms to safety standard EN 355.
Technical Data
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