Dual Band Moxon Antenna 10m/6m

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  • One 3kW balun

Dualband Moxon Antenna for 10 and 6m

Not only for Sporadic-E QSOs on the bands 10 and 6m, the 2850MOX antenna made by EAntenna offers a high gain with very compact dimensions. This antenna features an additional third element for 6m, which leads to a particularly high gain on this band.

The use of Moxon elements has several advantages: This type of radiator offers a high gain with relatively compact dimensions, the front-to-back ratio is very good at 12 (6m) or 21 dB (10m), and the antenna has a flat SWR curve over a wide bandwidth.

The 2850MOX Dualband antenna requires only one feed line. A balun is included, the max. power is 3 kW. The short boom of 180cm and the low weight of only 6.2kg allows the use of this antenna even if space is limited.

No matter if you want to use Sporadic-E on the bands 10m and 6m, or if you use this antenna for DX or in a contest - the 2850MOX offers two bands with very small dimensions, ideal for the row house or the mast with already many antennas installed.

Technical Data
Product Name 2850MOX
Mono-/Multiband Dual band
Weight (Transport) [kg] 8
Number of connectors 1
Brand EAntenna
Impedance (Ω) 50
Supported Bands 10m, 6m
Weight 6.2 kg
Number of Elements 2+3
Boom length [cm] 180 cm
Balun Included Yes
Max. Power [W] 3000 W
Frequency Range 28 - 29.8 + 50 - 52 MHz
Polarisation Horizontal
Rotation Radius [m] 2.05 m
Antenna Guying No
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Moxon
Strut no
Antenna mount Center Mount
Connector PL
Max. Windspeed (km/h) > 200 km/h
Gain [dBi] (free space) 10m: 8.3 6m: 10.5
Gain 28 MHz [dBi] 8.3
Gain 50 MHz [dBi] 10.5
Dual Band Moxon Antenna 10m/6m
Dual Band Moxon Antenna 10m/6m

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