EAntenna 30MDY1 30m MDY Rot. Dipole, 1 El.

EAntenna 30MDY1 30m MDY Rot. Dipole, 1 El.

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Mono Band Rotary dipoles are the ideal supplement, when you already have a beam for multiple bands. Most are missing the 30m or 40m band and you will install dipoles.

These have the disadvantage of not being rotated. The profit of a Rotary dipole is the same Gain like a dipole with reduced dimensions. Installation is parallel to the boom of an existing directional antenna. For 40m, we also offer a 2-element Yagi, which then also provides a corresponding back ratio.
Technical Data
Frequency Range 10.1 - 10.15 MHz
Gain 10 MHz [dBi] 2.05
Wind Surface (m²) 0,14
Supported Bands 30m
Length [m] 910 cm
Max. Windspeed (km/h) 160 kmh
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Max. Power [W] 3000 W
Polarisation Horizontal
Rotation Radius (m) 4.55
Number of Elements 1
Antenna Type Dipole
Design of antenna Dipole
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Bandwidth (kHz) <2,0:1: 200 kHz
Balun Included Yes
Weight [kg] 7.00 kgs


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