Cable RS-232 PTC-II, PTC-Iipro

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Supply Scope

  • Cable RS-232
For Pactor a Pactor audio cable is required. This cable carries the audio signals for Pactor and the PTT information. Frequency, band and mode is selected manually on the radio.

If you want to have the frequency and mode controlled automatically by the Pactor controller, an additional CAT cable is required. If the software you use supports CAT commands the Pactor operation becomes as easy as sending an e-mail: Just click on 'Send' (for example with Airmail/Winlink2000) and the software will set the transceiver to the required frequency. Then it tries to connect to a mailbox. If this fails anonther frequency is selected automatically and tried there.

For packet radio another cable between the PTC and the VHF/UHF radio is required.

We offer cables for some transceivers. Of course it is also possible to build these cables yourselves, the required connectors for the PTC are included.

TX control cable RS232

Used to connect PTC-IIpro/PTC-IIusb with a transceiver with RS-232 interface (FT-847, FT-1000 etc.). Has an additional loudspeaker connector for the PTC.
Technical Data
Product Name 40105.080
Brand SCS
Connector A 9 pin SubD female
Connector B 13 pin DIN

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