Low Loss Coaxial Cable TNC extension (Ultraflex-10)

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Top Features

  • Low attenuation (4.8 dB/100m @144 MHz)
  • Flexible cable with stranded inner conductor
  • UV-resistant
  • Double shielded
  • Can be used up to 8000 MHz

Supply Scope

  • Coaxial cable with TNC-plug/TNC-socket, length as per order
10mm coaxial cable with low attenuation (Low Loss, type Ultraflex-10), with TNC plug to TNC socket (=TNC extension). Useable up to 6 GHz, typical applications are ham radio, Wifi, RFID, GSM/3G, LTE/4G and similar. Various length available, individual manufacturing of other length is possible even for small quantities.

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Technical Data
Product Name 40341.X
Connector B TNC Socket
Connector A TNC Plug
Cable type Ultraflex-10
Brand WiMo
Connectors on Cable TNC Plug, TNC Socket
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm

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