Pigtail IPEX (aka U.FL®) plug/Reverse-TNC built-in socket, 30cm

Pigtail IPEX (aka U.FL®) plug/Reverse-TNC built-in socket, 30cm

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Pigtails with IPEX (aka U.FL ® Hirose) are mostly used for internal connections. The plug is connected to a PCB mounted jack (which we can offer as well, see ref. 42965, IPEX print jack). Due to the relatively high attenuation of the thin 1.37 mm cable we offer these pigtails only in very short lengths. We can offer individual custom cables on request, please send us an email.
Technical Data
Cable Length [m] 0.3m
Connectors on Cable IPEX (U.FL) Plug
RP-TNC Socket
panel mount
Connector A IPEX (U.FL) Plug
Connector B RP-TNC Socket, panel mount


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