Microphone connector 4pol

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Supply Scope

  • Microphone plug
  • 16m long control cable
  • USB cable
  • DC cable
  • mast clamps for pipe mounting up to 40 mm diameter
  • small compass
  • manual EN

Antenna rotor for 12V battery operation.

The PR-12 consists of the actual rotor, which despite its small size can also turn light 3-element portable beams, and the remote control unit with controls and LCD display. The rotor has a rotation time of 1 minute and is driven by a self-locking worm gear. The motor is PWM-controlled for smooth start and stop. A microcontroller works in the control unit, which queries the operating elements, controls the motor and shows the beam direction and other information on the display. Individual parameters such as direction calibration are stored in non-volatile memory even after the unit is switched off.

The rotor can be remotely controlled via the USB interface; the YAESU interface GS-232 is emulated for remote control, which is supported by most logbook programmes. Software updates can also be imported via the USB interface. During construction, special attention was paid to ensuring that the motor control does not cause any radio interference.

The unit is operated with 12V, the current consumption during rotation is about 1A, depending on the load, and 40mA in no-load operation.

Connecting cables of any length can easily be made by yourself. You need plug/coupling no. 42007.04, 42009.04 and 6-pole control cable no. 40012.6.

Tip: Connect 2x2 wires in parallel and use them for the motor connections.

Technical Data
Product Name 42007.04
Brand WiMo

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