Microphone angle plug 5-pin

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  • Microphone angle plug 5-pin

For use in radio applications, the 5-pin microphone right-angle plug is a high-quality audio connector specially designed to meet the requirements of radios in confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas. The plug is made of robust metal and provides a reliable connection between the microphone and the radio.

With its angled configuration, this plug allows effective connection in confined spaces and is ideal for use in situations where conventional plugs are too bulky or impractical. The plug is suitable for use by emergency services, security and industrial applications.

The plug is easy to use and provides a fast, reliable connection. With its durable design and high signal quality, the 5-pin microphone right-angle plug is an excellent choice for professional use in radio equipment.

If you are looking for a high-quality microphone right-angle plug for radio use that provides an effective connection in confined spaces, the 5-pin microphone right-angle plug is the ideal choice. Whether for use by emergency services, in the security industry or in the industrial sector, this plug provides a reliable and powerful audio connection.

Technical Data
Product Name 42008.05
Brand WiMo

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