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  • BNC T-joint Bu / St / Bu

BNC connectors are very often used in radio technology and measurement technology. In the past, many amateur radios (handheld radios) had a BNC socket, but today this socket is only used in amateur radio for IF outputs or similar. BNC connectors are not waterproof, they are not intended for outdoor use. The advantage of BNC connectors is that they are easy and quick to use with a swivel lock (instead of a thread).

In the WLAN area, a few manufacturers use so-called RP-BNC connectors. RP stands for Reverse Polarity, i.e. the inner conductor has a reversed polarity. Instead of a pin, there is a cup and vice versa. This confuses the terms plug and socket - usually everything with an external thread is called a socket, everything with an internal thread is called a plug, regardless of what the internal conductor looks like. This is explained in more detail and with pictures on our WLAN pages.

Many of the plugs offered here are crimp plugs. This means that they are not soldered on, but the outer braiding is placed on a shaft, a sleeve is placed over it and this is then pressed shut with a special crimping tool. The inner conductor is usually always soldered. We are happy to supply the necessary tools: Crimping pliers and other cable tools.

If you want to crimp the connectors yourself, you need the exact dimensions to which the outer sheath, the outer conductor and the dielectric must be cut. You can find these dimensions in the following file in the download area above: Kabel-Längenmaße für Crimpstecker (PDF, 173KB)

We are also happy to offer customised cable production.

Technical Data
Product Name 42017
Angular No
Brand WiMo
Connector A BNC Plug
Connector B BNC Socket
Connector C BNC Socket

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