F cable socket crimp (5.5 mm cable)

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Supply Scope

  • F cable jack (female)
  • Crimp sleeve
  • Centre pin
F connectors are used almost exclusively in television satellite technology. These plugs or sockets are therefore found on the LNBs of satellite dishes, on the satellite receiver, etc. The plugs are simply screwed onto the coaxial cable, the inner conductor of the coax is directly the pin of the plug.

Some of the plugs offered here are crimp plugs. This means that they are not soldered on, but the outer braiding is placed on a shaft, a sleeve is placed over it and this is then pressed shut with a special crimping tool. The inner conductor is usually always soldered.

We are happy to supply the necessary tools: Crimping pliers and other cable tools.
Technical Data
Product Name 42604.155
Brand WiMo
for Cable H-155, Hyperflex 5
Solder less No
Mounting method Crimp
Angular No
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Connector A F socket

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