3.5mm jack plug, mono

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  • 3.5mm jack plug, mono

The 3.5 mm mono jack plug is a commonly used audio plug that is also used in the radio sector. The plug is made of robust metal and provides a reliable connection between audio source and radio.

With its easy installation and use, the 3.5mm mono jack plug is ideal for use in radios, headsets and other audio equipment. The plug is specially designed for use in radio applications and enables clear and reliable audio signal transmission over longer distances and in environments with many sources of interference.

Thanks to its durable design and high quality signal, the 3.5mm mono jack plug is an excellent choice for professional use in radios for emergency services, security and industrial applications.

If you are looking for a high-quality audio plug for the radio sector that guarantees reliable and interference-free audio transmission and is easy to install, the 3.5mm mono jack plug is the ideal choice. Whether for use by emergency services, in the security industry or in the industrial sector, this plug offers a reliable and powerful audio connection.

Technical Data
Product Name 42911.35
Brand WiMo

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