Adaptor kit 40 pieces, gold-plated, 'Wifi', with bag

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Supply Scope

  • 40-piece adapter set with bag
Connectors, suitable for most Wifi and GSM devices.

Consists of special adaptors for the usual connector types which can be combined to any other system with a special center connector. Max. 8 adaptors can be configured at the same time.


-1x N male, 1x N female

-1x PL male, 1x PL female

-1x BNC male, 1x BNC female

-1x SMA male, 1x SMA female

-1x SMB male, 1x SMB female

-1x SMC male, 1x SMC female

-1x MCX male, 1x MCX female

-1x MMCX male, 1x MMCX female

-1x TNC male, 1x TNC female

-1x F male, 1x F female

-1x RP-SMA female, 1x RP-SMA male

-1x RP-TNC female, 1x RP-TNC male

-1x FME male, 1x FME female

-1x SSMA male, 1x SSMA female

-1x MC-Card male, 1x MC-Card female

-1x SSMB male, 1x SSMB female
Technical Data
Product Name 42998
Angular No
Brand WiMo

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