160 - 6m
up to 3kW
LAN - connection

4O3A Antenna Genius 8:2 Antenna-Switch

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Top Features

  • Usable from 160 - 6m up to 3000W
  • Expandable with relay modules to automate the station
  • Controllable via FlexRadio, Genius Controller, Windows iOS and macOS App 
  • Adjustable band limits
  • Controllable via LAN or Internet
  • Built-in Ethernet module
  • Lifetime firmware updates

Technical description

The Antenna Genius is an antenna switch that can switch TWO inputs to 8 antennas.  

Right from the beginning of the development, attention was paid to being able to operate this switch directly from a distance via an Ethernet interface. Another point was the requirement that all Genius devices such as the interface, antenna switch, rotor controller and station controller are compatible with each other.

Each Genius device has an interface (API) to work with different devices and software (e.g. log software, contest software, digital modes).

Antenna Genius control is officially supported by the N4PY software. Communication is via a TCP/IP connection. For more information, please consult the N4PY help files.

Capable of 3000W @ 1.5:1 VSWR CCS (e.g. RTTY) duty cycle for five minutes.

Note: RF on 6M / 50Mhz needs to be limited to 800 watts for Constant Carrier Modes such as FT8, RTTY, etc.

Application description

Operate your own station automatically?

Almost all newer transceivers now offer the possibility of being operated remotely. Mostly, however, it is the additional periphery which can only be integrated into such a system in a cumbersome way and with the use of additional hardware.

With the Antenna Genius, 4O3A has now developed an antenna switch that can be operated completely remotely. The special feature of this is that the switch can be additionally extended and the operation does not necessarily have to be carried out by a control unit. 

In addition to manual programming and the optional Genius control unit, the user also has an app for Windows, iOs and macOS, as well as integration into the operating system of the FlexRadio transceiver.

If you would like to set up a station that can be operated completely remotely, this antenna switch is indispensable.

Technical Data
Product Name 4O3A Antenna Genius 8:2 Antenna-Switch
Supply Voltage [V] 13.8 V
Size W x H x D 7 x 14 x 6cm
Connector A N Socket
Connector B N Socket
Number of Ports 8:2
Brand 4O3A
Weight 2 kg
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Weatherproof No
4O3A Antenna Genius 8:2 Antenna-Switch
4O3A Antenna Genius 8:2 Antenna-Switch

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As low as: €1,089.00
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