Manual Controller S8 for the Antenna Genius

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Top Features

  • manual switching 
  • independent of transceiver
  • Expandable to control the PS3000RX

Supply Scope

  • Controller S8

Technical description

The S8 Controller is built for use with the Antenna Genius, the Antenna Switch 8x2 or the Splitter PS3000RX. The controller is always used when there is no band data or other control signal from the TRX and manual switching is necessary.

Application description

Sometimes it is necessary to switch the connections of the Antenna Genius manually. This is always the case when no control signal is available from the TRX or PC.

This is where this controller comes in and is the ideal complement to the 4O3A accessories.

Technical Data
Brand 4O3A
Weight [kg] 0.40 kgs
4O3A has already made a name for itself as a world-renowned contest station. Piece by piece, the operators developed hardware to tune the station for optimum performance. Under the name Genius, very high quality TCP/IP controlled accessories are developed for the ambitious radio amateur. The well thought-out solutions reduce the complexity of your station and thus lower the costs while increasing efficiency.

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