4O3A Banddata to BCD Decoder

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Available from 26.04.2024


Top Features

  • Provides band data at a BCD output
  • LED's show activity of the interfaces
  • Supports RS-232, CI-V, Icom Band-Control

Supply Scope

  • 4O3A Band to BCD Decoder
  • DC connection cable

Technical description CAT2BCD

In addition to the BCD output, the 4O3A B2BCD Decoder has one RS-232 (female) and one CI-V (3.5 mm stereo) output socket each, which can be used to control corresponding devices requiring RS-232 CAT data (e.g. USB interface, amplifier, ...).

On the input side are available

  • RS-232 male connector
  • CI-V socket (3.5 mm stereo), to connect the CI-V output of your ICOM transceiver
  • Icom Band-Control socket- 2.5 mm mono, for connecting the band voltage output (usually "ACC 2") of ICOM transceivers

A USB socket on the front panel is used for connection to a computer, the supply voltage is  12 - 15 V.

Application description CAT2BCD

To control the Antenna Genius or other devices addressed via BCD interface, the B2BCD Band Decoder makes the band data output by the transceiver available at the BCD output. 

Various inputs and outputs are available for this purpose, covering a large number of peripheral devices and transceivers.

The congestion LEDs on the front panel inform about power supply, activity of the BCD output and the interfaces. The setup of the B2BCD is done by the free available software CAT2BCD. This one-time operation is very simple, only the transceiver model must be selected, baud rate and parity must be set. The configuration is stored in the eprom of the B2BCD, after that it can be permanently disconnected from the PC.

Technical Data
Product Name CAT2BCD
Color Black
Brand 4O3A
Supply Voltage [V] 12 - 15 V
Weight 230 g
Size W x H x D 177 x 33 x 54 mm
The manufacturer 4O3A from Montenegro stands for passionate commitment to amateur radio. The owner, Ranko Boca, is himself a radio amateur and experienced contester. This is how the products are created as a solution tailored exactly to the needs of demanding radio amateurs, developed and manufactured by a small team of specialists.

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