4500 W
N / PL
typ. - 55 dB
max. - 75 dB

403A Band Pass Filter XL Series

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Top Features

min. 55 dB attenuation
up to 4500 Watt
5-circuit filter
N or PL connection

Supply Scope

Bandpass filter

Technical description

Classic bandpass filters for shortwave offer an average attenuation of about 40 dB outside the useful band. 4O3A's "XL" bandpass filters offer at least 55 dB attenuation, in some cases up to 75 dB on directly adjacent contest bands.

This strong filter characteristic is achieved by an elaborate filter design with 5 circuits that are individually balanced. Due to the large design of the coils, a power handling capacity of up to 4500 watts ICAS is given. This makes the use behind the PA possible and the filter result all the better.

Each XL bandpass filter is equipped with a fan that can be switched on if necessary. Due to the low insertion loss of approx. 0.5 dB, the heating is normally tolerable. For example, the fan only needs to be used at high room temperatures. All filters except the one for 160m are bandpass filters, the 160m filter is designed as a lowpass. The filters are optionally available with N-sockets or SO239 (PL) sockets.

Application description

The bandpass filters of the "XL" series from 4O3A are an indispensable part of the equipment for demanding contest stations. Only filters with sufficient rejection depth outside the band in use can ensure trouble-free operation of a multi/multi or even SO2R station.

The elaborately designed bandpass or lowpass filters of 4O3A use 5 circuits and thus achieve an exceptional attenuation of typ. 55 dB, and up to 75 dB on the adjacent contest bands.

Due to the high power handling of the filters, it is possible to use them behind the power amplifier, i.e. at high power. This way, not only narrowband spurious emissions are suppressed, but also broadband noise through the amplifier.

The filters are all constructed and balanced with 5 circuits, and thus offer exceptional performance for contest or DX stations. The ability to actively cool the filters when needed is important for use in elevated ambient temperatures, for example on an expedition.

Technical Data
Product Name 403A Band Pass Filter XL Series
Brand 4O3A
Size W x H x D 650 x 150 x 110 mm
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Insertion Loss (dB) typ. 05 dB

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