4O3A HFC-4500 - Triplexer / Combiner

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Top Features

  • Max. 4500 Watt
  • 10m + 15m + 20m
  • 1 antenna - 3 radios

Supply Scope

  • 1x HFC-4500 Combiner/Triplexer

Technical description

The HFC-4500 from 4O3A is a triplexer / combiner for the three classic contest bands 10, 15 and 20m. This unit thus combines the antenna cables of three transceivers and feeds the three signals on one antenna line to a multi-band antenna.

The HFC-4500 is not intended to be used alone, without additional filters, although this would theoretically be possible for very low powers. Rather, the triplexer is designed to be equipped with three individual band filters for 10, 15 and 20m. This is the only way to get the real added value of this system - namely the simultaneous use of a three-band antenna at three stations at the same time.

Using 4O3A bandpass filters results in crosstalk attenuation from band to band of at least 72 dB, but in many combinations up to 120 dB and more! This is sufficient to allow simultaneous transmission with three stations on one antenna. The mixed products resulting from a transmission power of 3600 watts per port have an absolute level of typically max. -7 dBm, and are thus completely unproblematic for the receiver input.  The insertion loss of the combiner is typically 0.1 to 0.15 dB.

The combiner/triplexer HFC-4500 weighs approx. 2.8 kg and measures 55 x 12 x 12 cm. It is available with either N or PL sockets.  Cooling is usually not necessary.

Application description

With the HFC-4500 combiner/triplexer, the effort for large contest stations can be reduced considerably - by replacing the numerous monoband Yagis with three-band Yagis, and only one feed line is required per antenna.

The HFC-4500 combiner is designed for high power, but the necessary blocking attenuation (crosstalk attenuation from port to port) is only achieved with the additional use of suitable band filters. This then allows multi/multi operation of three stations (10, 15 and 20m) on one multi-band antenna. Especially with very large distances to the antennas, this reduces the costs for coaxial cables and the space required on the masts is reduced by two thirds! The space can then be used for other bands.

The HFC-4500 combiner/triplexer (aka splitter) has a low insertion loss, with the matching bandpass filters from 4O3A it is an excellent system to optimise the M/M station.

Technical Data
Product Name 4O3A HFC-4500 - Triplexer / Combiner
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Brand 4O3A
Insertion Loss (dB) 0.1 - 0.15 dB

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