4O3A RS-3000 Controller

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Top Features

  • Prevents unintentional switching during transmission

Supply Scope

  • 4O3A RS-3000CTR Controller

Technical description RS-3000CTR

The 4O3A RS-3000 Controller is an add-on device for the RS3000 crossover switch, which helps to ensure that switching can only be performed when there is no PTT signal from one of the connected radios. This prevents unintentional switching if user B starts a transmission while user A is still on the air.

The control unit is supplied with an input voltage of 13-15V DC.

Application description RS-3000CTR

Before startup, simply connect the PTT lines of both radios to the RCA jacks of the RS-3000 controller, the controller itself is connected to the RS3000 unit via the +12V/GND terminals

If one user presses the switch button while the other user is still transmitting, the controller waits until the PTT line is no longer active and only then switches. In this case, the "Wait" LED lights up.

This makes switching safe and independent of the transmission frequency between the users.

Technical Data
Product Name RS-3000CTR
Brand 4O3A
Supply Voltage [V] 13 - 15 V
Number of outputs 2
Weight 400 g
Size W x H x D 150 x 30 x 100 mm
The manufacturer 4O3A from Montenegro stands for passionate commitment to amateur radio. The owner, Ranko Boca, is himself a radio amateur and experienced contester. This is how the products are created as a solution tailored exactly to the needs of demanding radio amateurs, developed and manufactured by a small team of specialists.
4O3A RS-3000 Controller
4O3A RS-3000 Controller

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