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4O3A Rotor Genius Control Unit

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Top Features

  • All types of motors: 3-48V DC/AC, 110-220VAC...
  • Magnetic compass sensor included
  • Network compatible like all4O3A Genius products
  • Remotely controllable via Windows PC, on site or remotely

Supply Scope

  • Rotator Genius
  • Azimuth sensor

Technical description Rotator genius

The Rotator Genius from 4O3A is a control unit for convenient remote control of almost all aerial rotators on the market. The electronics can be used for DC and AC motors in the low voltage range from 3 to 48 V and with up to 15 A current consumption. However, the Rotator Genius can also be used for AC voltage systems from 110 to 230 VAC or powerful 3-phase motors up to 400 VAC. One unit can control two independent motors simultaneously.

To avoid all the usual problems of signalling the currently set direction, the Rotator Genius comes with its own sensor system - a calibrated, magnetic azimuth sensor, i.e. an electronic compass. This is mounted on the boom of the directional antenna and connected to the control unit with inexpensive Ethernet Cat5 cable. This way, the absolute direction of the antenna is always known with an accuracy of 1 angular degree. Depending on the location, compensation can also be made for the compass deviation between true and magnetic north direction.

Commissioning is described in detail in the comprehensive manual; DIP switches are available for the respective settings. The connection is made via separately pluggable industrial plugs.

For the Rotator Genius the software for Windows offered by 4O3A is available, but the system is also supported by the N4PY controller software. Depending on the network configuration, remote control is also possible.

Application description Rotator genius

The Rotator Genius is used when more automation is required in the radio station, for example for contest operation or for a remotely controlled system in a remote location.

The motor control unit replaces the usual control unit for the rotor, and can be mounted at any location in the radio room or on the mast. for outdoor installation, an additional weatherproof installation box is required. The cable length is almost irrelevant, all known types of motors are supported.
The supplied magnetic compass, which is mounted directly on the antenna, ensures that the correct direction of the antenna is always known. This avoids all problems with setting potentiometers, pulse generators, etc. The magnetic sensor is connected via an inexpensive CAT5 Ethernet cable.

Operation is via the network interface of the Rotator Genius. A separate window software is used for operation, and the control system can also be integrated into other programs. This enables extensive automation of the station.
The control unit is equipped with several buttons and a two-line display, so that operation and some settings are also possible without a computer.

Technical Data
Product Name Rotator genius
Brand 4O3A
Power supply included or built in no
Weight 1.2 kg
Size W x H x D 22 x 11 x 9.5 cm
The manufacturer 4O3A from Montenegro stands for passionate commitment to amateur radio. The owner, Ranko Boca, is himself a radio amateur and experienced contester. This is how the products are created as a solution tailored exactly to the needs of demanding radio amateurs, developed and manufactured by a small team of specialists.
4O3A Rotor Genius Control Unit
4O3A Rotor Genius Control Unit

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