868 MHz Omni Antenna, TNC

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Top Features

  • Narrow band design
  • Polarization independent reception
  • Hemispherical radiation
  • IP68 protection class

Supply Scope

  • 868 MHz antenna

Technical description EIGHT68-MUSH

The EIGHT68-MUSH is a selective (narrowband) antenna suitable for Lora, LoraWan, RFID, IOT systems and similar applications. The special feature of the EIGHT68-MUSH is the design of the antenna element with a very narrow bandwidth, precisely tailored to the 868 MHz frequency range. This eliminates the need for special filters at the receiver input.

The directional pattern is hemispherically directed upwards, so no noise is picked up from the ground. This also improves reception. Due to the flat radiation, not only signals from above but also from the side can be received well. The antenna is largely independent of a fixed polarization plane. Weatherproof construction with protection class IP68, the connection for the coaxial cable is a professional TNC socket. The thread for mounting is 5/8".

Application description EIGHT68-MUSH

The EIGHT68-MUSH antenna is designed for use in exposed locations where other radio services are active. Due to the special design of the antenna, it is very narrow band and receives only the desired signals around the range of 868 MHz. All other signals are strongly attenuated. This relieves the receiver and the range is improved.

The targeted directivity upwards and to the horizon also serves for better reception, interference from below (buildings) is reduced. The EIGHT68-MUSH is professionally designed and offers excellent performance in demanding environments.

Technical Data
Product Name EIGHT68-MUSH
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Number of connectors 1
Brand WiMo
Gain 800 MHz [dBi] 4.5
Supported Bands 868 MHz
Diameter (cm) 15.2
Impedance 50
Frequency Range 866 - 870 MHz
Polarisation Circular
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna VHF/UHF Omni
Connector TNC

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